Thursday, May 26, 2011

Distress look



I was so glad when i came across this desk at a thrift store! Its been sitting in my garage for a while now! I just barley got it done. I love how it turned out!
The desk overall was in good condition. I only had to fix just minor things to it!

I started out by washing this with a very damp cloth to get all the dirt off of it! I than started sanding it all over!
After sanding i wiped it down with a cloth to get all the extra dust off!

Now it is time to paint it!

I painted it a cream color (Oriental silk from Behr) bought it from home depot, and the hard-ware i spray painted it black using krylon!

I put about 2 to 3 coats of paint on it and once it dried i went around and sanded it by hand to give it the distress look! I love the end result!

Sorry the pic quality struggles in the "after" picture. I had to use my phone!
You get the idea though!!

What do you think?

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