Monday, May 30, 2011

Classic Gray



I found this little piece off craigslist a while ago! It was in really good condition and i only had to tighten up the legs on it! the drawers are so smooth and work so good! The lady i bought it from was so puzzled on why i wanted this so bad! Really? I love it!

I used Krylon "classic gray" spray paint in the glossy finish
and used kylron "white" glossy for the handles!

I first took a rag with a little soap and water and washed it down! It was a little gross/dirty!
I than started sanding it all over!

after i was finished with sanding- i wiped it down again with a rag to make sure all the dust was completly gone!

Now it was ready to be primed. I ended up using kilz spray paint! After letting it dry (which it didn't take long since we live in az) i started to re sand it to get the desk a little smooth again. (sometimes with kilz it will feel a little bumpy if you dont sand it after)

Now it was ready for the spray paint!

I followed brooks advice over at "all things thrifty" she seems to know her stuff about spray paint! Check out her tips/tricks Here

I am so glad its all done and i love the way it turned out!

what do you think?

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