Monday, May 30, 2011

Best Scrub

I dont know about you but i love a good exfoliation salt scrub! I was lucky enough to find "Bath Junkie" when i was living in Texas at the time! I was so glad when i saw they have one in AZ.

If you havent heard about them. Check out their site!
You can basically build your own scent/scrub. They have all sorts of great bath products and lotions as well!

Its One of my favorites and you must try this! You wont ever try any other brand once you feel how soft your skin is!! Its truly amazing!

Classic Gray



I found this little piece off craigslist a while ago! It was in really good condition and i only had to tighten up the legs on it! the drawers are so smooth and work so good! The lady i bought it from was so puzzled on why i wanted this so bad! Really? I love it!

I used Krylon "classic gray" spray paint in the glossy finish
and used kylron "white" glossy for the handles!

I first took a rag with a little soap and water and washed it down! It was a little gross/dirty!
I than started sanding it all over!

after i was finished with sanding- i wiped it down again with a rag to make sure all the dust was completly gone!

Now it was ready to be primed. I ended up using kilz spray paint! After letting it dry (which it didn't take long since we live in az) i started to re sand it to get the desk a little smooth again. (sometimes with kilz it will feel a little bumpy if you dont sand it after)

Now it was ready for the spray paint!

I followed brooks advice over at "all things thrifty" she seems to know her stuff about spray paint! Check out her tips/tricks Here

I am so glad its all done and i love the way it turned out!

what do you think?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Distress look



I was so glad when i came across this desk at a thrift store! Its been sitting in my garage for a while now! I just barley got it done. I love how it turned out!
The desk overall was in good condition. I only had to fix just minor things to it!

I started out by washing this with a very damp cloth to get all the dirt off of it! I than started sanding it all over!
After sanding i wiped it down with a cloth to get all the extra dust off!

Now it is time to paint it!

I painted it a cream color (Oriental silk from Behr) bought it from home depot, and the hard-ware i spray painted it black using krylon!

I put about 2 to 3 coats of paint on it and once it dried i went around and sanded it by hand to give it the distress look! I love the end result!

Sorry the pic quality struggles in the "after" picture. I had to use my phone!
You get the idea though!!

What do you think?

White Dresser

Hi My name is Shelbie and i am so glad to be able to share with you today these 2 pieces of furniture! You could say refinishing furniture is my favorite pastime. I created my blog, intending it to be for decorating in general but I just keep finding myself with more and more furniture waiting patiently in the garage for a Makeover. I'm a crazy person when it comes to finding 'pre-loved' pieces of helpless furniture that have potential. Things are constantly being re-arranged in my house as things are constantly coming and going. Here is a dresser and a hutch that I re-vamped.
The hutch was the first thing I sold which inspired me to keep going. I new it had huge potential and I managed to get it for a whopping $25 bucks. Yes it's true.
The white dresser was pretty rough when I got it, but with a little TLC it turned out really nice. Quite Possibly my favorite with its adorable little casters.
Thanks for letting me share my great finds and come check out my blog to see more furniture transformations!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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